City interventions

Kraków, Bergen, Nicosia… Chaos with objects that seem to convey no or hard to identify meaning. The photographs present out of context pieces of public spaces in the city of Bergen, Norway. They show accidental or unwanted elements whose fate is shaped by time and the local environment. Intentions of the creators are often difficult… Continue reading City interventions

Work: insideOUT

Outsourcing sector in Kraków. This essay is a part of insideOUT project by Babel Images Collective. In last few years city tissue of Krakow has been changing quietly. The impact of outsourcing sector location is so big that urban sociologist start to compare it to Nowa Huta location in 50’s in XX century. But the… Continue reading Work: insideOUT


Teleporter that describes one man. It is a photographic essay on the broadly defined process and motifs of creative activity. Teleporter has been created in Bieszczady Mountains (PL). Due to specific artist’s intervention the outhouse has been transformed into the artwork. The architecture, setting and function taken into account while planning and creating this ”playground”… Continue reading Teleporter

Work; Snippets of identity

Cracow crafts of XXI century. This essay is a part of Snippets of identity project by Babel Images Collective. Snippets of Identity.
 Cracow crafts of XXI century. For centuries, craftsmen were a permanent part of the Krakow landscape. As custodians of a secret knowledge of the guild they were an important element of the identity… Continue reading Work; Snippets of identity